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Building sustainable, luxury-quality products since 2016.
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Success starts with a conscience.

Our commitment to sustainability and luxury, fueled by our dedication to reducing waste and creating a better world, has been at the forefront of all that we do since 2016. We believe that this standard of brand responsibility should be embraced by all companies today.

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custom, scalable Private-Label solutions

With our years of successful product launches, we know what’s needed to make a product successful. We are more than just contractors; we bring a unique combination of innovation and business logic to the table.


including the development of custom sustainable fabrics, creation of unique scents, procurement of vintage fabrics, and more.


our team of tasteful designers can bring any concept to reality.


our team is highly skilled in logistics management, ensuring that all products are efficiently and effectively transported to their destinations on time.


let us help elevate your marketing efforts to the next level with our innovative and results-driven in-house approach.

How we work

Our team designs and manufactures your concept, from a simple logo on a shirt, all the way to a custom run of collections for a hospitality company.

We carefully research and select suppliers who use the most advanced technology and sustainable practices to produce materials of the highest quality.

We rely on our trusted network of skilled craftsmen to create the highest quality products.

We make sure the final product is nicely packaged for a memorible customer experience.

We consider every brand touchpoint, including labels and tags, in order to ensure that all details are perfect.

From the basics to strategic brand development and to-market strategies, we offer available support through every stage, from on-the-ground insights, to data backed executable growth strategies.


Featured work

By our in-house brand, ROSE IN GOOD FAITH.

Cut & Sew Apparel

Our collections are carefully crafted with a focus on heavy weight and a sense of quality, using recycled cotton blends and upcycled military deadstock. We also strive to find unique and sustainable ways to incorporate rare luxury materials like cashmere, silk, and bio-leathers.


We developed a special bonding technique that blended apple leather with recycled old leather scraps. 


We developed the world’s first shoe made from recycled defective adult toys, which broke the internet. 


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